Confessions of a Young Composer

Bless me, Father, for I have gone flat

Well, I...um, there's nothing that's particularly interesting about my life, so far as I know. I'm a Christian, I'm a music major (theory and composition), I love chocolate, I love The Lord of the Rings and Star Trek and some other geeky stuff, I live in the state of Denial, and I like to write stuff. I have an oddly British sense of humor for an American, hence my dry jokes, and I listen to anything from New Age to Rock, so long as it's interesting and unique, although I have a real love for Celtic music and folk songs from the British Isles.

In case you're interested (which you probably aren't), my username comes from my Indian name--Achipiquon Que. It means Flute Woman in Delaware (Lenni Lenape). Thing is, I'm not Delaware, so how I came by the name is...well, something of a long story.